Our sister company Quality Lineals specializes in extruding fenestration products for all window and fencing applications. By becoming vertically integrated, we control every aspect and step within the manufacturing process. From virgin vinyl powder to our finished assembled window, we through our vertical integration, are able to control all aspects of the manufacturing process, thus ensuring a top-quality product. Controlling all aspects of production also allows us to remain competitive and innovative within the industry.

Within our  facility in Freeport NY, we operate using only the purest of PVC compounds. This ensures all of our profiles are premium and solid colored throughout. Each week, Quality converts an average of 300,000 pounds of PVC through our 14 high end extruders.

Our pride for our Country goes beyond manufacturing in America. Between both companies, we have a large social conscious towards Green Manufacturing efforts. Since vinyl products are a large contributor to Global warming and other green earth issues, we feel a large responsibility to help conserve our planet. By Lean manufacturing and collecting our leftover vinyl, we are able to grind the material back down into pellet form to be converted into new vinyl extrusions. Don’t worry; our re-grinded product does not touch any of our window products, as we constantly meet AAMA, Energy Star and NFRC requirements and receive above industry scores on our testing reports. If we were running regrind in our window fenestrations, we would not have passed the above mentioned tests. Our recyclable regrind is strictly used as filler to our 5 x 5 x 9 heavy duty fence post. We are able to apply regrind compound as an internal filler for additional strength and support. We also take large efforts to recycle all of our excess glass, paper, cardboard, and all other recyclable materials.