Family owned and now in its 4th generation, NorthEast Windows USA has been manufacturing vinyl windows & doors in Merrick, New York, for over 70 years now. Here at NorthEast, we  manufacture a full product line of Double Hungs, Sliders, Hoppers, Patio Doors, Garden windows, awning windows,  Bays, Bows, Egress, Soundproof & architectural shapes. Each one of these products are fully custom with an array of options from color, glass type, grids, and insulations. All of our products are offered in a Euro White, Blue White, Almond, Bronze, and Two-Tone color. All of our colors are extruded throughout, there is no painting or laminating. Ensuring your color is built stronger to defend against fading.

All Northeast windows are AAMA Gold Label Compliant, meaning we have passed rigorous structural tests given by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Along with AMAA, we are also Energy Star rated by NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council). They randomly test our window configurations for Energy Statistics, we consistently receives some of the lowest U Values in the region. Buying NorthEast is buying the best. All of our products are strictly manufactured using a pure PVC vinyl, proven by our AAMA Gold Label compliancy. We are so proud of all of our products that they are backed by an on-going limited lifetime warranty.

Here at NorthEast we are a vertically integrated company. Our sister company, Quality Lineals, specializes in extruding vinyl for all window and fencing applications. Quality is part of the AAMA extrusion program and currently supplies vinyl for over 60 manufacturers across the United States. From extruding the PVC to assembling to the window, every inch of a NorthEast window is proudly manufactured and assembled right here on Long Island by our hard working staff.

Between our companies Quality Lineals and Northeast Windows, we happily employ over 150 individuals. Each one of our employees are dedicated and hardworking towards making sure our products are elite and your every need is met. By combining our ultra-sensitive quality control team, craftsmanship, and innovative design, we are able give our customers windows that last a lifetime. All of our employees receive extensive training in every aspect of window manufacturing to ensure that every window meets the highest standards. We pride ourselves in supporting our country. We dedicate ourselves to using the highest quality of American made materials.

Our approach to business remains the same throughout the years. We are dedicated to providing innovative products that exceed industry standards for quality, reliability, and performance. We use our leading edge technologies and equipment in manufacturing to exceed our customer’s requirements for beautiful, strong and thermally efficient windows.

Our single hung windows are the perfect application for any of your new construction needs. We are capable of manufacturing for large projects anywhere across the Northeast. Feel free to submit your information for us to bid on any upcoming projects.

We want to thank all of our recent and future customers.

We pledge that we will do everything possible to make your window experience with Northeast a positive and enjoyable one. We want our windows to make your house the best on the block. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you for your continued support!

Unfortunately we do not deal with homeowners as we are a pure manufacturer.


Our sister company Quality Lineals specializes in extruding fenestration products for all window and fencing applications. By becoming vertically integrated, we control every aspect and step within the manufacturing process. From virgin vinyl powder to our finished assembled window, we through our vertical integration, are able to control all aspects of the manufacturing process, thus ensuring a top-quality product. Controlling all aspects of production also allows us to remain competitive and innovative within the industry.

Within our  facility in Freeport NY, we operate using only the purest of PVC compounds. This ensures all of our profiles are premium and solid colored throughout. Each week, Quality converts an average of 300,000 pounds of PVC through our 14 high end extruders.

Our pride for our Country goes beyond manufacturing in America. Between both companies, we have a large social conscious towards Green Manufacturing efforts. Since vinyl products are a large contributor to Global warming and other green earth issues, we feel a large responsibility to help conserve our planet. By Lean manufacturing and collecting our leftover vinyl, we are able to recycle our waste for other companies to use within their manufacturing process.  We also take large efforts to recycle all of our excess glass, paper, cardboard, and all other recyclable materials.


Our Mission

To be an invaluable partner and to provide our customers with the highest quality of products of services to endure their own growth and successes

Our Vision

To be the premier vinyl window supplier and manufacturer in the industry while providing the best possible product and an ability to keep us at the forefront of a constantly evolving market place

Our Values

Family orientated company, integrity, customer always comes first